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Done for you Marketing Seven-Figure Income in Just 90 Days

Posted on | September 7, 2014 | No Comments

They’re Literally Making Millionaires…More Than $100 MILLION for Their Clients

 Done for you marketing (DFY marketing)

Done for you marketing (DFY marketing)

If you missed the announcement I sent yesterday, you’re going to want to see this RIGHT NOW…

>> Done for you marketing (DFY marketing)

Two world-class copywriters and marketing pro’s are taking any serious business owner who makes at least $25k a month in their business…

And turning them into millionaires in 90 days.

Sound far-fetched? Wait until you see the cred these two guys have built up in the community!

Combined, they have already made their clients more than $100 MILLION dollars…

And now, they’re offering to do it for you, too.

(But ONLY if you qualify)

They do the marketing… They do the copywriting… They’re even sending the TRAFFIC (500+ sources!)

YOU keep 100% of the money.

They’re so confident they can transform your $25k/month business into a $100k/Month Empire within 90 days, they actually guarantee it.

And it isn’t like any other guarantee you’ve EVER seen… if they CAN’T make you $100k/Month in just 90 days… they REFUND 100% of your money,
PLUS they’ll send you a check for $20,000 extra!

If you’re already successful but want to reach

that next level, you NEED to see this right now:

=> Done for you marketing (DFY marketing)

Survival Guide To The Googleverse And Internet Marketing Road Map

Posted on | December 28, 2013 | 41 Comments

The first iteration of Google production serve...

The first iteration of Google production servers was built with inexpensive hardware and was designed to be very fault-tolerant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Google Logo officially released on Ma...

English: Google Logo officially released on May 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love and fear Google, but cannot remember when I didn’t need it. Heck, I don’t have to say “I don’t know” to my kids anymore, I can Google it . In commercial terms, they make me money online. I use Google all day everyday, but what the hell is Google+ all about? Here I am though, in Google’s latest takeover bid

Google still owns a fair amount of untaped Internet Real-estate. There are people, mostly from India, who are marketing Orkut like Facebook pro’s. Deep keyword research will still unearth a Knoll article or two. And Google Buzz was Anti-climactic and confusingingly distracting, although people are making money online marketing Google Buzz as well.


Anyone that really cares about what I do, can be a Facebook friend, Twitter follower, Youtube subscriber or feed and newsletter subscriber and probably add me on Digg, Stumbleupon and Linkedin to boot. The rub will be how much nepotism comes into play. Will Google rank and index Google+ content faster and with bias, like they do blatantly with Youtube or let it flounder like the Buzz feeds that consistently ranked much lower then Twitter, Friendfeed and even Myspace (remember them?) backlinks. And Tumblr and Identica “dofollow” links really make Googlebots happy. HMMMMM…..

But I actually started this post because of how Google made me money today and went off topic. As an SEO and Internet marketing tool Google Analytics has some real drill down data. If you notice in the image, and by the way if you don’t have Google Analytics , go get it, the “none” circled and pointed to, in your analytic back office , Click on it! It will not only tell you how many page views eash post has but what the referring site was and the keyword that got them there, the country and the browser, and what they clicked on the page.


And of course with the RSS strategy I shared on this Internet Marketing For Network Marketers Link Building For SEO I always use myFeedburner Feed. I think I will keep Google around.


This is a complete Done for you marketing system with an extensive multiple stream sales funnel built in: Done for you marketing (Done for you marketing)

Introducing Day One Master Marketer, Rich Schefren

Posted on | December 16, 2013 | 6 Comments

Rich Schefren is one of the select few to develop
successful businesses in both the offline and
online worlds. Businesses that generated over 35
million in sales.

And he’s holding a special FREE Accelerated
Business Course to help people just like you break
free from the Tactic of the Month trap.

And what you’ll discover during his Free course
will make you BULLET-PROOF to their “shiny
objects” and promises of “push button” profits.

Rich is one of the most successful and sought
after Internet business coaches in the world. And
for a limited time, he’s sharing his business-
building knowledge and experience with you for

It all starts with you grabbing a spot for Rich
Schefren’s “From Frustration to Freedom…
The 3 Strategic Pillars That Take the Mystery
Out of Succeeding Online”
Accelerated Business Course

Get All The Details Here…From Frustration to Freedom
The 3 Strategic Pillars That Take the Mystery
Out of Succeeding Online

alicia pierce & rich schefren & alex sampson d...

 Rich Schefren discussing business 

The Rich Schefren line of products and resources…….

AFFILIATE -Join High Paying Affiliate Program
BLOG -Strategic Profits Blog
Cornetta – Manifesto to BGS Webinar – Lead Generation
Event Invitation -Business Growth System 2.0 webinar
Hidden Obstacles Founders
Product -Business Growth System
PRODUCT -Founders Club
REPORT -Internet Business Manifesto
Traffic Strategist

Your Free Nonstop Traffic Formula Cheat Sheets 3.0 are Ready!

Posted on | December 14, 2013 | 6 Comments

Version 3.0 of your “Nonstop Traffic Formula Cheat Sheets”
are now ready.

Grab your free copies here: Nonstop Traffic Formula Cheat Sheets

Jeff also created a new video tutorial for you.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

“Even Google can’t stop the traffic”

He literally takes you by the hand and personally walks you
through… step-by-step… his best “Nonstop Traffic” Strategies
that are so powerful… even Google couldn’t stop you if they wanted

Your free Nonstop Traffic Formula Cheat Sheets 3.0 lay it
all out for you in a step-by-step fashion.

He’s definitely delivering some rock-solid content.

Grab your free cheat sheets and check out the video:

Grab your free copies here: Nonstop Traffic Formula Cheat Sheets

Jeff’s proven Nonstop Traffic Formula can literally bring you
boatloads of highly-targeted traffic… most of it free… starting
today, right now… and he’s willing to prove it to you by just flat-
out giving you the Cheat Sheets and training videos for free.

It won’t cost you a penny to get started… your Nonstop Traffic
Formula Cheat Sheets and Training Videos 3.0 are Free and
yours to keep forever.

He even shows you exactly how to implement his entire  using nothing but free traffic-getting tools and free

Grab your free copies here: Nonstop Traffic Formula Cheat Sheets

How To Make Money Online With What You Already Know [Free Training]

Posted on | December 11, 2013 | No Comments

If you’re ready to kick off 2013 by learning to make money online …..

But you’re just not sure which tasks you should start working on…

Or what your most important focus should be to really make this year great…

Here’s a special Free resource that will help you out in a big way…

NY Times best-selling author and speaker Brendon Burchard just released a new Free Video Training series, that’s a “must see.”

Learn to make money online Here

In today’s Free Training, you’ll see Brendon lay out a simple plan you can start using immediately…

To monetize what you already know.

By tapping into all the skills, talents, life-lessons and experiences you already have.

And building a profitable business around it.

This is the same plan Brendon personally used to make $4.6 million in 18 months…

All starting with nothing. Flat broke. If this sounds good to you…

Get Free Access to Brendon’s Free Training Series now.

Learn to make money online Here

And see how you can make this YOUR YEAR to get your message out there…

In a BIG way that people will notice. And pay you handsomely to learn.

Learn to make money online Here

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(Exclusive) Your 3 Free Video’s Reveal GURU Product Blueprints From Eben Pagan

Posted on | December 5, 2013 | 4 Comments

GURU Product Blueprints- How to market and sell information products online – an introduction

Video #1

Test your “emotional intelligence” and find out how to use emotions to motivate people to buy your information product
Two types of needs that customers have – and why you need to focus on the one that most people don’t even know about if you want to sell more information online
A powerful formula for creating information products that people want to buy (I’ve sold over $100 Million worth of training in many different niches – here’s how)
A free PDF exercise that I walk you through to outline your next information product:

How To Sell Advice & Information Using “Emotional Intelligence”

Here’s a new free video training and PDF exercise from
Eben Pagan that shows you how to use your “Emotional
Intelligence” to market and sell information online.

Just opt-in to watch it free: Using “Emotional Intelligence” To Sell Information Online

In this video, Eben shows you how to identify the specific
emotional “hot buttons” that you can use to get customers
to buy your information products, coaching and advice.
In the video and PDF exercise that goes with it, you’ll
actually create an outline for your next information product.
This is the formula that Eben has used to sell over $150
Million worth of information products in a wide range of
niches – from dating and relationships to business and
marketing… to time management and creativity… and many
Go watch this video now, and get the exercise while it’s

Just opt-in to watch it free: Using “Emotional Intelligence” To Sell Information Online

Watch it now,

Just opt-in to watch it free: Using “Emotional Intelligence” To Sell Information Online

Video #2

3 Part Formula For Information Products
How To Create Information Products People Want To BUY

Go watch this new video from Eben Pagan, where he
shares his 3-part formula for creating a best-selling
information product (just opt-in to watch):
The MIA Video: The Formula For Product Success

Inside, you’ll learn the most valuable part of an information
product (and what people are actually paying for).
You’ll also get a PDF exercise, that you can do and submit
for a chance to win a free iPad or MacBook pro.
Use this video and outline for your next information product,
and you’ll create something that people already want to
Here’s the link again, watch this video now (just opt-in to
see it):

The MIA Video: The Formula For Product Success

Watch it now,

The MIA Video: The Formula For Product Success

Video #3

How The “Professionals” Get Paid Big For Knowledge

Here’s a new video from Eben Pagan, where he
teaches you how to increase your perceived value
from the $10-$20 per hour range… up to the $100-
$200 per hour range (just opt-in to watch):How To Charge “Professional” Levels For Advice

This video shows you the exact psychological
positioning strategies that the professionals use to
charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their advice
(and more).
If you teach, coach, advise or create information
products, then the knowledge inside this free video
can help you to dramatically increase how much
you get paid for your knowledge.
There’s also a free PDF download exercise that he
walks you through – to help you implement this
in your business immediately.
Finally, in this video, Eben teaches you the most
powerful marketing technique that he uses – to get
more customers.
Watch it now, and learn how to increase your
perceived value starting now:

:How To Charge “Professional” Levels For Advice

Make sure you do the exercise and submit it to
Eben for a chance to win an iPad or a MacBook

:How To Charge “Professional” Levels For Advice

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Master Marketer Month Revisits Jeff Johnson

Posted on | December 4, 2013 | 2 Comments

We have met Jeff Johnson before but I have to remind you that this guy is a traffic genius.

Here are his posts revisited.



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Day 2 Of Master Marketer Month Has A Gift From Rich Schefren

Posted on | December 2, 2013 | 3 Comments

rich schefren 1

Rich Schefren

The internet marketing world has its share of superstars…


Say hello to the guru BEHIND the gurus…

Internet Business Manifesto

For years, Rich Schefren has coached some of the biggest names in internet marketing to multi-million dollar status. And he did it all from behind the curtain.

That’s correct–this guy is the secret weapon of gurus everywhere, showing them how to build their businesses and take their profits to the next level…and beyond.

And for a while, you had to pay thousands of dollars to pick Rich’s brain for a few minutes. But now, he’s opening the vault and laying his entire business-building blueprint out for you.

For FREE here ——>Internet Business Manifesto

Inside the Internet Business Manifesto, Rich Schefren reveals the biggest problem you’re facing in your business…and how to fix it.

Rich dives into the core of your business to show you exactly how to achieve the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and add several zeros to your bottom line…just like he’s done for the guru community.

That’s right–the same strategies and tactics Rich has used to transform everyday marketers into overnight sensations are all right here in black and white, just wilting for you to put them into action.

This is POWERFUL stuff, unlike you’ve ever seen before in a complimentary report. And it can literally change your business in the next few minutes.

You’re ready for a change, aren’t you?

Internet Business Manifesto

Go here now and grab your copy immediately—–>Internet Business Manifesto
And get ready to have your world ROCKED.

Of every report ever released in internet marketing history, Rich’s Manifesto has made the most impact.

Over 100,000 people (and counting) have downloaded a copy, and many of these businesses have been transformed by what they read inside.

This is not old, rehashed stuff you’ve seen a hundred times. It’s fresh, invigorating insights into what it REALLY takes to grow a successful internet business. And it could be yours right now just for the asking.

Why not get yourself a copy right here ——->Internet Business Manifesto


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Day 8 Of Week 2 Of Master Marketer Month Presents Yanik Silver

Posted on | November 30, 2013 | 5 Comments

My next Master Marketer is one of my favorites. Not that I know him personally, but he hangs out with Sir Richard Branson, the new face of benevolent wealth.

Sir Richard Branson at the eTalk Festival Part...

Sir Richard Branson

I will be talking about Yanik Silver all week so I just want to introduce you to his game changing products, every one will make you money online!

Yanik Silver Internet Marketing Products

Instant Salesletters™

Salesletter Templates Written By Professional Copywriters – Yours To “Swipe”!

Stop struggling to write compelling ads for your business!  Attract new customers, leads, affiliates, and business partners with these pre-written salesletter templates.  Simply fill in the blanks, and presto – they’re ready to post on your website, send via email, or even mail by post.

Written by professional copywriters, worth $30,000+, but available to you in one convenient package – “steal” and use any of these letters for your business, starting in the next 5 minutes!

Public Domain Goldmine

Information Products Ready For You To Start Selling Immediately In HOT Markets!

Here’s your chance to cash in on the booming demand for information in the high-demand health, self-help, sports, and recreation niches… without being an expert or even writing a word yourself!   Take home your choice of TEN different, full-length public domain works, ready for you to start selling on the Web immediately!

Packages include the COMPLETE work, ready to publish, including copyrights – plus a complete marketing plan to get you started!

Public Domain Riches

Secrets to Finding FREE Public Domain Content and Legally Selling It As Your Own Product!

You’ll never struggle looking for product ideas again.  This exciting 2.5 hour audio seminar (available on CD & via instant download) introduces you to the exciting world of “public domain works” – where expired copyright has made endless published works available for you to repackage and sell… legally, freely, without restrictions.

Learn where to find public domain works, how to confirm whether or not copyright has truly expired, and then how to repackage and sell the work for maximum profits.

Refer an Affiliate -

Cash In On Yanik’s Best-Selling Products and Earn Big-Time Commissions Every Month!

We keep adding more and more best-selling products and you earn up to 25%-50% for every customer your refer! Each customer you refer could be worth over $684.77 in commissions for you!

Here’s what makes our new affiliate program so powerful:

  • We do the selling for you. Our follow-up systems will help create lifetime commissions for you.
  • You earn ongoing commissions on every product sold for up to 10 years.
  • Additional income potential with our 2-tier program. Our 2-tier referral system lets you earn income from your own sales, as well as on the sales of Affiliates you refer to the program
  • Bulletproof tracking system makes sure you get the commission.
  • Complete turnkey tools ready for your promotions. You’ll get dozens of ready-to-go promotional tools! Not just banners to post up to your site (although you will get banners also). You’ll get everything you need to start generating orders right away!
  • No high minimums to getting paid. You make a sale – you’ll get a check! It’s that simple.
  • You can always check your stats and visitors in real-time to see how you’re doing.
  • You’ll receive an email notification of any sales you (or your sub affiliates make).

Refer an Affiliate -

Ultimate Copywriting Workshop

Get Yanik’s PROVEN Formula For Writing Ad Campaigns Worth Six-Figures PLUS!

When Yanik held his “Ultimate Internet Copywriting Workshop” it SOLD OUT at $3,975 per seat.  The event was jam-packed with entrepreneurs eager to learn his secrets for writing salesletters, emails, autoresponders, opt-in offers, and more…  And discover first-hand how he generated $43,688.73 in just 24 hours from a meager list of 4,200 people.    Or how he sold out his high priced $14,497 “Apprentice Program” – TWICE, and then filled a waiting list.

Now, you can learn these SAME copywriting secrets for a fraction of this investment – with Yanik’s “Ultimate Copywriting Workshop” Home Study DVD program.

UndergroundX Events

Seminario Secreto UG8 Live Streaming in Spanish
UG7 Recordings
UG8 Streaming
UG8 Tickets

When In Doubt …..Go To An Expert:PPC Advertising

Posted on | November 29, 2013 | 11 Comments

licence google adwords Français : licence goog...

Google Adwords

If you are marketing online you will have heard of PPC marketing. PPC or pay-per-click advertising is when you place an ad on a PPC advertising provider, the big ones being Google, Yahoo and MSN. The PPC part of it is,  you only pay for the ads that are clicked on. There has been a lot of money made with PPC, “old timers” talk of the good old days, when you could join an affiliate program throw an ad on Google Adwords and sit back and count your money. There has been a ton of money lost as well. The key to successful PPC marketing is choosing the right keywords, profitable keywords. There is a definite art and skill to PPC marketing, and if you don’t know what you are doing you can lose your shirt….. or with the right knowledge buy all the shirts you want!

Someone who needs no or very little introduction, is Perry Marshall. Perry Marshall is generally understood to be THE word in Google Adword advertising. Perry Marshall  has several products that will teach and train you how to make money with Google Adwords, from his showcase book “The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords to a membership site that will turn you into an expert and very successful PPC marketer. My tip for the day, whether you want to sell products, or as this blog is about MLM, create endless leads for your Network marketing business with the Internet, you must get one of Perry Marshall’s Google Adword products. Go here for Perry Marshall’s Products & Services

Here is a fantastic FREE Internet Marketing for Network Marketers course that will cover the rest; Article, forum, safelist etc.
THE Complete step by step blueprint how to make money online with MLM and Network Marketing


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May Is Master Marketer Month

Posted on | November 23, 2013 | 9 Comments

For the month of May I will be showcasing 5 Master Marketers. These 5 Marketers are not names in the MLM industry specific, but are legends and millionaire makers in Internet marketing circles.

Here is the deal,

Internet Marketing Plan

Get Successful With An Internet Marketing Plan

most if not all of you readers are using the Internet to market a network marketing opportunity. I myself have a mission to bring Internet marketing to network marketers. All the facts about Internet home businesses having low overhead to start up are true, but getting educated and finding out how to be profitable online should be big in your plans. Spend the money to make the money. Any one of these marketing giants products and resources WILL help you succeed in your Internet marketing for network marketers endeavors.

With out further ado…..

  1. Rich Schefren

  2. Yanick Silver

  3. Dan Kennedy

  4. Perry Marshall

  5. Jeff Johnson

Now for extra credit…. May Master Marketer Month also brings Multiple streams of income…. Sign up for there affiliate programs and diverisfy your income as well as offer premium training for your downline.

Affiliate Programs:

  1. Rich Schefren
  2. Yanick Silver
  3. Jeff Johnson
  4. Perry Marshall
  5. Dan Kennedy
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(Immediate Attention Needed)Your Chance to Hear Dan Kennedy LIVE!

Posted on | November 23, 2013 | 4 Comments

Don’t you hate not knowing?

English: A business ideally is continually see...

Customer Retention And Fullfilment

Whether it’s trivial like when you’re watching a TV game show
and the host presents a question you just can’t answer…

Or it could be something important like how to best run your
new marketing campaign for your business…

No matter the situation, not having a clear answer to a challenging
question just drives me nuts.

We’re all looking for answers to those tough questions.

And based on what you’ve been telling me, I’m hearing a number
of questions about the ins-and-outs of living the “Renegade Millionaire”
lifestyle.Renegade Millionaire

Questions like:
What exactly does the Renegade Millionaire mindset look like?
What tools do Renegade Millionaires use?
How do Super Bowl Ads measure up as examples of the RM philosophy?
What’s the difference between how regular business owners and
Renegade Millionaires value time?
Why is the Renegade Millionaire approach even more critical during
challenging economic times like these?
There’s many more besides that I want answers to.

Well… I just found out some good news—-> Renegade Millionaire

Today, on Tuesday March 6th, 2012 from 1 PM to 5 PM EST we both get the
chance to get all our questions answered in very [special call ----> Renegade Millionaire] between Dan Kennedy and
GKIC’s Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dee.

From what I hear, [during their live training---> Renegade Millionaire] Dave’s planning on hammering Dan
with every question imaginable regarding the Renegade Millionaire
lifestyle and his approach to business.

I can’t wait. And [you need to join me there --->Renegade Millionaire ]

And best of all, it’s Dan’s personal gift. You don’t have to drop a dime to attend.
Just click the link below and you’ll be taken to a page with access to their LIVE

[Go here to learn more--->Renegade Millionaire]

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[FREE TRAINING] How to make money online with your skills, talents, and passions…

Posted on | November 22, 2013 | No Comments

How  regular people can make money online
out of thin air…

…but I don’t think anyone with the clout of Dan
Kennedy and GKIC has ever done it!

Here’s the scoop: Dave Dee…the Chief Marketing
Officer of GKIC is going to show you how you can
turn your knowledge, expertise, advice or hobby
into a 5, 6 and even 7 figure information marketing

AND…the best part is that it’ll all be LIVE so you
can get your questions answered.

When you register for the FREE training below,
you’ll discover how “ordinary” people like you can
create extraordinary incomes…

…which means more security, more certainty and more
freedom to do anything you want…any time want…
without anybody’s permission!

Imagine living life on your own terms and getting up
every morning doing what you love.   And think about
how it will feel to live life of your own design.

It’s something very few people EVER achieve in life,
but thanks to Dave, you’ll be able to discover the untold
blueprint that could make you rich, relaxed and happy.

Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, September 4th

4pm EST / 3pm CST / 2pm MST / 1pm PST


I know for a fact that I’m going to carve out time to
be there…

…and if you’ve ever wanted to discover how those “info-
marketing gurus” always seem to materialize
money out of thin air, have total freedom, autonomy,
and security…and absolutely NO worries…

…then you NEED to be on this “live without a net”

You see, Dave used to struggle until a HUGE “a-ha”
moment in his life propelled him out of deep
debt, a job he hated, and living every day in frustration…

…to earning up to $32,000/month on autopilot using
a simple “lifestyle liberation” blueprint you can easily
“cut and paste” yourself.

In fact, Dave has been so successful at info-marketing
that the “Godfather of Information Marketing” Dan
Kennedy personally hand-picked him to be the “face”
of his company!

This is an honor he doesn’t take lightly…and he’ll
personally take you by the hand and guide you
toward creating an information marketing business
using your existing passion and knowledge.

Here’s just SOME of what you’ll discover in this
“soup-to-nuts” training you’ll be able to implement
as soon as the


Business is Making Money

is complete:

—How to uncover your own, deeply personal mission
based on your skills, talents, and passions that will
unlock and identify exactly who it is you can best serve.
(This makes making a lot of money MUCH easier and
more enjoyable.)

—The #1 thing your prospects are looking for and
exactly the way you need to describe it to draw them
irresistibly to you like a moth to a flame.

—In a nutshell – a SIMPLE three-step formula for creating
products that sell themselves so all you have to do
is “rinse and repeat” and watch your bank account grow
like an out-of-control virus!

So if you don’t have an info-marketing business, the
secrets Dave will share with you will allow you to get
more CONTROL in your life so you can spend time
the way you want…

…more time with friends and family, contributing to
causes you believe in, and being able to acquire the
FREEDOM to do whatever you want, when you want
to do it, without getting anybody’s permission.

You’ve probably bought many products in the past
that promised a “lifestyle of freedom” but fell short. Well,
here’s your chance to learn from the REAL DEAL…
the guy Dan Kennedy himself picked to head his

And the best part is you’re using the knowledge,
talents, and skills you already possess.  So you don’t
have to learn any complicated stuff…just the simple
blueprint others have “copied and pasted” for themselves
to earn an increased income and and a more relaxed lifestyle.

And the best part is the video training is FREE…no selling,
no pitching, and all content. Dave Dee wants to
help others start and expand their information marketing
business…just like Dan was able to do for 40 years–and
still does!

Best part: Dave is also going to take your questions
LIVE so you’re sure to come away with an action plan
you can implement right away.

I know you’re going to be as blown away as I was when
I heard about this.  And this best part is this kicks off
10 days of FREE training that GKIC and Dan Kennedy
will be revealing that’ll unlock the hidden income that’s
residing within you.

But nothing will happen if you don’t take action right now
and go to the link below:


I’ll “see” you on the LIVE video training!


P.S. You know, Dave is rather a ballsy guy.  Why?
Because I’ve been a part of many launches and
hardly anyone does a LIVE first video with NO
selling and all content.  He’s going “live without a net”
here and will answer LIVE questions on this training
so don’t miss it!

P.P.S. One more thing…the webinar can only hold
2000 people and the last live event GKIC held took
up over 1700 seats…and that’s before they allowed
anyone else to join in.  So this is sure to fill up fast so
hurry up and register and get there 5-10 minutes early
or you’ll risk getting shut out.  Register below:


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A secret used to become a multi-million dollar online entrepreneur?

Posted on | November 21, 2013 | No Comments


Can you imagine the look on a kid’s face when you give him a big chocolate

sundae with extra rainbow sprinkles?

That’s kinda how I reacted when I saw this:

>>> The Quantum Jumping Online Training

Meet Burt Goldman, the 85-year-old man with an *out-of-this-world* secret.

A secret he’s used to become an accomplished painter and photographer, a
novelist and a multi-million dollar online entrepreneur?

All out of thin air, and all just before his 80th birthday.

That secret is Quantum Jumping – and according to Burt, ANYONE can do it
once they know how it works?

In fact in the past 5 years, Burt has already taught Quantum Jumping to over
40,000 people in 75 countries?

And the results have been fantastic.

Just like him, many of Burt’s students have gone on to learn new skills, start
new businesses, improve their fitness and wellbeing, and change their lives in
countless other powerful ways.

This Thursday Burt will host an online training where he’ll reveal EXACTLY
how Quantum Jumping works, and how you can begin using it in YOUR life too.

Good news is, the online training is 100% complimentary.

All you need to do is RSVP on this page:

>>> Book your complimentary spot for the Quantum Jumping Online Training.

Quantum Jumping is based on Quantum Physics, the theory of multiple universes, and cutting-edge breakthroughs on the power of the subconscious mind. Believe me, you’ve never seen anything quite like it :)

English: Schrödinger equation of quantum mecha...

English: Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics (1927). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


>>> Book your complimentary spot for the Quantum Jumping Online Training.


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7 Steps To Getting Leads With LinkedIn (Webinar)

Posted on | November 11, 2013 | 1 Comment

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

Marketing with Linkedin

If you’ve been ignoring LinkedIn…

… and for a long time now….

here’s the deal:

LinkedIn has kinda been a little fish (up ’til more

I mean… with lead generating platforms like Google
Adwords, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTubeLinkedIn
hasn’t gotten much love from us marketers.

Time to rethink that.

LinkedIn is up to 200 million users, and it can no
longer be ignored.

So when I heard about this free LinkedIn Webinar, “7
Steps To Getting Leads With LinkedIn” my ears perked.
This Thursday, March 21st at 6pm PT/9pm ET Ann Sieg
and her guest Dave Drimmie will be showing you 7 steps
to get leads on LinkedIn and turn them into business

Grab your spot here: Marketing with Linkedin


In the past 3 years, LinkedIn has sprouted from 37
million to 200 million users. Many people are finding
that they’re getting a higher ROI for their time on
the network. Here’s another fun fact: the number of
businesses using Facebook and Youtube actually
declined last year … while use of LinkedIn increased.

But here’s the real kicker:

200 million users on LinkedIn and they are ALL
specifically there for business.

This means less spam, less clutter, higher conversion
rates and higher quality prospects and leaders to
network with.

So if you’d like to learn how to generate high quality
leads, relationships, sales and partnerships through
LinkedIn, grab your spot below and join me this
Thursday March 21st at 6pm Pt/9pm

Grab your spot here: Marketing with Linkedin


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GVO, The Ultimate Marketers Toolbox

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Multiple racks of servers

Multiple racks of servers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marketing Map

Marketing Map (Photo credit: miss_rogue)

When marketing on the internet, sometimes you feel like your head is going to explode! The amount of tools, systems, and services out there will make your head spin which make promises of easy riches when you use them.

Every day, there seems to be another “magic tool” that pops up promising millions of visitors to your site and large sums of money in your bank account….effortlessly.

It can get overwhelming and take focus away from what you should be doing to build your business.

As you know, there are tools out there that not only make your life easier, but keep your business running on auto-pilot for you.

The trick is to know which ones to focus on and which ones to stay away from!

Let’s go through the essentials which every top internet marketer depends on a daily basis to run their million dollar businesses…

1) Web Hosting

Obviously, without hosting, the internet would be a pretty boring place to hang out. If you have a domain name, you need a place to host it so others can find you.

Hosting companies out there range from free all the way to over $500 a month for dedicated hosting.

The key is to find a company that provides 99% uptime and also provides 24/7 support in case you ever have a problem.

And of course, just like anything, you get what you pay for.

2) Auto-Responders

Have you heard the phrase, “The Money Is In The List?”

Well, having an autoresponder and building a list that knows, likes, and trusts you is the fastest way to literally pushing a button and having money coming in your bank account… faster than you can say… Hot Biscuits!

The formula is simple.

Create a page that gives something of huge value totally away for free. This could be a free report, a video lesson, an audio interview, or a live webinar.

Then, in exchange for your free information, the visitor will give you their name and email address.

And then the magic happens. You can follow up with them automatically and offer more value and even get them to buy something!

This is all done using an auto-repsonder, all automatically and efficiently for you.

Again, companies providing auto-responders range from $20 a month up to $99 a month.

3) Video Hosting

The internet is all about video. And without some type of video on your website, most people will simply not hang around.

Video allows you to bond with your visitor and create more trust than with just words on your site.

We’ve all heard of YouTube for sure. But is a free service that is known for pranks, jokes, and music videos the right image for your business?

There’s a reason the top marketers host their videos through paid services and you should to.

4) Website Builder and Prospecting System

99% of internet marketers don’t have the time and/or the skills to create their own websites or prospecting pages. Trying to learn website design and html code is not the best way to spend your time.

That’s where website builders come in. You simply customize your pages with your own video, product info, auto-responder, and you’re done!

5) Live Webcasts

The most powerful way to sell is face to face. You get instant feedback and customers can ask questions and get their answers immediately.

Since we don’t want to meet all our visitors in person… Webcasts are the next best thing.

We can sit in the comfort of our own homes and present to people all over the world. Product demonstrations, video overviews, live questions and answers, it’s all possible with Webcasts.

If you’re not using Webcasts in your business, you are missing out on thousands of dollars of sales.

Typical companies charge between $49 to $99 a month and more.

The Top 5 Essential Tools

These are the top five tools that every top marketer uses and depends on a daily basis to make sales on auto-pilot.

And you can too.

Now, you can get all these great tools from different companies and pay between $150 to over $350 each and every month.

Or, you can make the smart decision and get them all from one company and save a huge amount of money.

GVO offers all these tools under one roof and for only $1.45 a day. That’s less than a Starbucks coffee!

And the best part is, for a limited time, you can take advantage of all these amazing tools and profit with them for a full 14 days for only a $1.

Don’t decide now, use all the tools and see how powerful they are and how they will help explode your business online right now.

Go here for your test drive:

Week One Master Marketer Wrap up

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As we wrap up Master Marketer Month Week One, I advise you to take advantage of the training from Rich Schefren.


  1.  Attend the webinar —–> The 3 Strategic Pillars That Take the Mystery
    Out of Succeeding Online
  2.  download the book ——>Internet Business Manifesto
  3. and join the affiliate program —->High Paying Affiliate Program


It all starts with you grabbing a spot for Rich
Schefren’s “From Frustration to Freedom…
The 3 Strategic Pillars That Take the Mystery
Out of Succeeding Online”
Accelerated Business Course

Get All The Details Here…From Frustration to Freedom
The 3 Strategic Pillars That Take the Mystery
Out of Succeeding Online

The Rich Schefren line of products and resources…….

AFFILIATE -Join High Paying Affiliate Program
BLOG -Strategic Profits Blog
Cornetta – Manifesto to BGS Webinar – Lead Generation
Event Invitation -Business Growth System 2.0 webinar
Hidden Obstacles Founders
Product -Business Growth System
PRODUCT -Founders Club
REPORT -Internet Business Manifesto
Traffic Strategist

This week I also reminded you about the viral blogging system the Empower Network. This is from a Master marketer in his own right, David Wood. Go check it out, you will not be disapointed……..

Earn large 100% commissions to fund your lifestyle or business ventures.

Click Here For the now Famous Commission Loophole

Click Here For 3 Weird Marketing Tricks

AND Here is How To make them LOVE to Buy!

Come visit my personal Empower Network Blog

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Monetizing your story is how experts get paid the million-dollars

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Image representing New York Times as depicted ...

become New York Times bestselling authors and the go-to experts in their fields


If you wanted to share your life’s story and knowledge with the world (and get paid for it), how would you begin?

How are all these authors, speakers, coaches, marketers, and online thought leaders monetizing their advice and content?

This incredible video series has the answers:

Btw, if you haven’t met Brendon Burchard, the guy who did the videos, I think you’ll find his story inspiring.

Brendon went from bankruptcy to $4.6 million in just 18 months doing nothing but helping others with what he’s learned about life.

You can see why in his video series. These strategies have also helped him and his clients become New York Times bestselling authors and the go-to experts in their fields.

If you’re going to share your message or build a personal brand this year, this is a must watch:

This incredible video series has the answers:

Enjoy the video.

And take notes. Trust me, it’s worth the optin.

- Brendon says he’s taking questions on the blog, so watch

and comment. Here’s what people are saying:

– calls him “one of the top business
and marketing trainers in the world”

– Brian Tracy says Brendon is the “smartest, nicest,
most creative marketers I’ve ever met”

– NY-Times best-seller Dr. Daniel Amen “wishes I would
have met him 20 years ago; it would have put my business
and myself as an expert in hyperspeed”

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One of the biggest names in the personal growth industry; Silva Life System

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What I’m about to share with

you has been used by over 6 million people in 110 countries.

that number is steadily growing by the day.

Which isn’t
surprising, given that its users include famous celebrities, authors,
top CEOs, successful companies, just to name a few.

And now,
you have the opportunity to join them experiencing profound life
changes, by spending as little as 5 minutes a day…

>>> All will be revealed in this video

what kind of life changes can you expect?

In a word:

And I’ll spell them out for you.

With this
powerful practice, you can begin to experience…

intuition for better understanding of people and the world around

…Steadier focus on your life goals

creativity at work

…Boosted confidence in all areas of your

English: Diagrams the relationships between th...

English: Diagrams the relationships between the classes in City Life (computer game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


…Better holistic health

…An improved abundance

…Greater control over bad habits like smoking,
gambling or drinking

…Letting go of negative, hurtful
emotions, and enjoying more love in your life.

I won’t spoil
it for you and tell you who’s behind the video (and the 5-minute

But I will tell you that it’s one of the biggest
names in the personal growth industry.

>>> Check out the video and find out who it is. 



Cover of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effectiv...

Cover of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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GVO, Incredible Business Opportunity

Posted on | October 26, 2013 | 8 Comments

English: Creating lifelong customer value with...

Your Internet Presense

What’s the entire buzz about GVO?

GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) formerly Kiosk is a company owned by Joel Therien who has a 12 year track of experience in the network marketing and internet marketing industries.

GVO has rapidly created a big buzz in the internet marketing and the MLM , Network marketing arenas due to the fact that it is the only company online that has the knowhow and the expertise to join these two very important business models in a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What makes GVO such an incredible business opportunity?

The answer to this question is twofold:

First of all when you get your hosting package through GVO you will get several services like unlimited autoresponder system, complete video marketing system with easy video producer and video hosting, full audio and video conferencing system, downtime monitoring software, that not only are included but that will also mean significant savings compared to buying all these services separately.


Second, you will have the opportunity to participate in a MLM compensation plan that is much more than a simple affiliate program and makes it an entire business in itself, let me explain:

How do I get compensated?

To motivate you to promote the business, GVO pays you 50% commission on the first month of every person that is directly sponsored by you.

Then we have the 2 x 10 Binary Hybrid Matrix Plan that will pay you 5% per month of up to levels down making this a full matrix of 2,046 people and that alone will earn you $4,600.00 per month!

Wait! It gets even better because you will also get a 20% matching bonus on your personal referrals down to 10 levels.

Once you have a downline of 14 people or more then you earn a new profit position in the matrix that you can also make money off of.

What guarantees that people will stay?

If you have been online for some time and you are serious about building an internet business, you know that in today’s market, these are tools that you or any internet marketer can?t afford not to have and that you will be using on a daily basis and that is the key that makes the compensation plan a very successful one.

With this business model you will build an organization of avid and constant users who will be using the services everyday to run their businesses and therefore will be happy to keep paying their monthly fee!

How do I join?

At GVO we even give you the opportunity to try us and fall in love with our services before you commit to a longer stay.

Just pay $1.00 today and this will give you full access to all the services and features for a full 14 day trial period.

Hope your find everything you are looking for under one roof with unsurpassed quality, see you inside!

Terry Tiessen is an Internet and Network Marketer who owns and runs many websites you can read more of his GVO business.

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Make Money Mid May Master Marketer Month

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Even if you feel you are a Network Marketer, and in the MLM industry

An overview of online marketing. A simple grap...

An overview of online marketing. A simple graph that represents the major components of online marketing, including, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including RSS and Atom feeds, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Networking/Blogs and Social Netowrking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

only, is leaving serious money on the table and doing your downline a great disservice. Internet marketing IS the present AND the future of Network marketing. It is the prospecting giant of all tools. One way to assure wealth is to diversify your portfolio, have multiple streams of income. Not only are the master marketers that I am showcasing going to make you successful by following their Internet marketing tactics and technics, but they offer VERY high paying and stellar Affiliate programs.

Go get these affiliate programs into your money making arsenal!
Affiliate Programs:

  1. Rich Schefren
  2. Yanick Silver
  3. Jeff Johnson
  4. Perry Marshall
  5. Dan Kennedy
  6. The viral blogging system; Empower Network

Earn large 100% commissions to fund your lifestyle or business ventures.

Click Here For the now Famous Commission Loophole

Click Here For 3 Weird Marketing Tricks

AND Here is How To make them LOVE to Buy!

Come visit my personal Empower Network Blog

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Beginners Guide To Turn Your Raspberry Pi into an Affordable Bitcoin Mining Rig |

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Beginners Guide To Turn Your Raspberry Pi into an Affordable Bitcoin Mining Rig |

Land of Bitcoin faucet – Free bitcoins, instantly!

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Bitcoin Wallpaper (2560x1600)


Land of Bitcoin faucet – Free bitcoins, instantly!.

Amazon Fire TV – Streaming Media Player – Shop Now

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Amazon Fire TV – Streaming Media Player – Shop Now.

Your free traffic-getting jumpstart 2.0 action plan PDF “how to get more free traffic”

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Get your free Traffic-Getting Jumpstart 2.0 Action Plan  <——– here

It’s a very simple-to-use traffic-getting system that tells you exactly what to do, and when to do it.

Here’s the best part:

It won’t cost you a penny.

You can get started grabbing free traffic today using nothing but free traffic-getting tools and websites.

Get your free Traffic-Getting Jumpstart 2.0 Action Plan  <——– here

You can use your new Action Plan to quickly ramp-up traffic to any website, it doesn’t matter if it’s brand spanking new, or a site
that’s been dead-in-the water for years.

And Jeff designed it for you to be drop-dead simple so even the most technically challenged person should be able put it into action
starting today.

If Google isn’t showing you the love you know you deserve, then this is definitely for you.

Download your free PDF Action plan and tutorials here:

Get your free Traffic-Getting Jumpstart 2.0 Action Plan  <——– here

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